A Wedding Gap!

Here I come back to what I write after a long wedding gap

My creativity was locked in the thrill of a honey love trap

To realize that some new topics caught my interest

Surprised at the effect of a wife causing this contrast

Catching-up on the topics if its the Trump’s climate change illusion 

Or an Indian movie making news with Bahubali’s conclusion 

Nothing disastrous except making cyber people “wannacry”

A killer game with a Blue Whale which i dont wanna try

Only aesthetics of the world always changes by the tunes of media orchestra 

No regrets about the gap as I was in a newly wed fun while the rest was just etcetera…

Welcoming myself back!


Ambulance Mindset!

In my urban 3rd world I see 3 kinds of people
Those who do not make way to an ambulance
Some that make the way and pray for assistance
Few cut through by following it to prove their performance
Those few are the ones that win while others still live in a trance!

G8 or G7… we are still at G0

how does it matter me if you are a G8 or a G7

reforms & peace are still awaiting at G0

why sport a (must be) human element in your words

your power motivated wealth creation agenda

covered well across in HD by the TV giants

your meeting venues are of better attraction

than your speeches making false proclamations

An intercultural summer holiday it is

while your bureaucrats get the signatures

on the files blessed by corporations

nice way to relax in your mirthful winning spree

winning the hearts of your people

sorry, your investors!!!

Comparative Religion???

In already a complicated state the world
Religious prophesies still have a strong hold
Tearing apart the beliefs with prosthetic logics
Defying the very nature of the nature these lunatics
Never celebrate the beauty of difference
Challenging the civilisations in a so called conference
They have full time job to divide in the name of unification
Often it is a selfish goal of their belief’s glorification
Comparative religion a threat to the unique varieties
A form to attack the sanctity of the trusted deities!

Chartered Soul!

Sometimes i keep wondering
Which of my goals is so prominent
My everlasting wish or the craving
Seeing my simple joys kept distant

Bits of soul sold for great returns
My memory account always debited
Responsibilities taking their turns
Me and I have very long parted

Great example of a body so hollow
Fighting your desires in a battle ground
Sure not a good path to follow
Soon you hear your heart pound

Chartered merry is all that i cherish
Planned parties are what i celebrate
Spending money to be called bullish
Finally made me a spineless vertebrate


When a South Asian goes too practical
Its the chills of malaria that gets his attention

They come in 2 forms Culex and Anopheles
Surprisingly we are afraid of the females

Mosquitoes never belonged to Moscow
They are on a suicidal mission in our house hold

Technology advanced from burning the leaves
To coils and then the vapour machines from Japan

They don’t allow a mass holocaust of these creatures
For they are the food to those reptiles

My African friends have a better story to sell
But Sir. Ronald Ross is our story to tell..


I am a Mighty Whale!!!

I don’t belong to your great group
A controlled and moderated army troop

To grow in groups fruitless like weed
Ambush attack on sprouting creative seed

Praising carefully to include yourself with me
Making illusions on what people really see

Forming majority on the graveyard of reality
Framing laws to make a dormant humanity

Your silly little strategies wont work, not on my watch
I am a mighty whale for your stupid fishnet catch!